Giving your equity the edge...

Our private equity clients love the fact that we possess the expertise, the experience and the most up-to-date sourcing software that allows us to identify, assess and contact potential projects before our competitors.

The enviable breadth, depth and longevity of our experience in the development sector has enabled us to craft the clearly defined and proven success criteria for projects – criteria that we feed into our systems and that ensure that we are always able to add value and maximise profitability for our partners.

The result is a set of unique and feasible investment opportunities for our clients that deliver saleability and impressive exit timeframes.
We can perform as much or as little of the work as you need us to, and our services include:

• The identification and acquisition of development opportunities – mixed or single use, including office, industrial and retail

• Initial valuation advice and guidance with no obligation

• Pricing and feasibility reports

• Build to rent consultation and disposal

• Market advice – researching past cycles and current sentiment

• Exit strategy and marketing advice

• Estate agency selection and management

• Planning policy and formulation advice

• Access to global sources of capital